Smoke Soap Orange Scented Cleaning Solution

  • $8.95

  • Orange Scented
  • Removes Gunk, Grime, and Resin
  • Organic with Vegetable Ingredients

Smoke Soap is our new organic cleaner that actually works, but doesn't contain harsh solvents like alcohol or acetone. Your hands will feel soft and smooth after using Smoke Soap.

Because you want the most for your money. Smoke Soap is concentrated, so this 4oz bottle makes 8 ounces. And Smoke Soap is reusable - it will clean your pipes again and again and again.

Because Smoke Soap is made from environmentally sustainable ingredients such as soy and natural oils. It's also biodegradable.

Because it cleans your pipe instead of rearranging your DNA.

Package Includes

  • Smoke Soap Orange Scented Cleaner by 420 Science

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