Atmos Raw Vaporizer - Junior (various colors)

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Upon first glance, the most striking thing about the Atmos Junior Vaporizer is its compact design. But don’t let the small size fool you. The Atmos Junior is delivers big clouds of flavor-rich vapor.

Resembling a small flashlight, Atmos Jr. can easily fit into your pocket. It’s pocket-friendly but durable. With a redesigned ceramic heating element, you can be sure the Atmos Junior won’t add any unwanted flavors to your preferred substance.


  • 1 Atmos Raw Junior Battery
  • 1 Atmos Raw Junior Mouthpiece
  • 1 Atmos Raw Junior Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • 1 Mesh Filter + Spring
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 User Manual



The Atmos Junior powers on with the press of a button, which will light up when the vape is in use. Once your vape is powered on, you hold down the power button to heat up the coils. In around 5 seconds the Atmos Junior will have enough vapor built up for a solid draw. If you find that you aren’t getting enough vapor after a few seconds, just continue to hold down the power button a little longer to let the clouds build up.

This sleek vape is designed to work with waxes and dry herbs, however this vaporizer is definitely wax and concentrate centric. For when it comes to dry herbs the Atmos Junior requires a little bit of finesse, you’ll need to place at least two of the provided glass screens directly onto heating coil, heat the chamber for 10-20 seconds, then five seconds after that slowly inhale. If you exhale combusted smoke try adding another glass screen or powering the Atmos Junior for less time.

With a bigger focus on vaporizing concentrates, the Atmos Junior performs wonderfully. It’s simple design allows you to dab your wax into the heating unit directly. The ceramic heating chamber isn’t very deep, but that isn’t a necessity; you should be able to get six solid pulls from each dab, and when you need to refill the chamber its depth makes it easy to reload and go. Thanks to the ceramic used in the heating chamber all of your wax will get burned off when need be, meaning it won’t leave a gunky residue, which is a nice bonus for those who don’t have the time to clean their vape pen after each use.

Some wax vaporizers have a tendency to leak and ruin your session and product. Thanks to Atmos’ design team this won’t happen with the Atmos Junior, as it is expertly sealed to prevent any unwanted spillage. One great feature of the Atmos Junior is that it can be charged using your average wall charger or USB port, adding to the portability factor. In order to charge the unit, you’re going to unscrew the rubber mouthpiece from the top of the vape, then go ahead and attach the USB adapter to the battery by screwing it in, then from there just attach both parts to the included wall charger. Or just toss the USB into any USB port, so not only can you charge it at home you can utilize the USB feature while on the go.


The best way to make sure your Atmos Junior operates at optimal performance is regular maintenance. As mentioned earlier the ceramic heating chamber does make the Atmos Jump easier to clean than other portable vapes, but even with this feature regular care and attention should be given to your vape to ensure it doesn’t lose a step when it comes to vaping.

Before the cleaning process can get started make sure to disconnect the battery before cleaning, as this is a safety issue and you don’t want to accidentally damage the unit itself. To clean the ceramic heating chamber use a small brush to clean gently around the chamber walls. Avoid any contact with the heating element. When it comes time to get to the filter, remove it and clear the airways, the provided scraping tool is great for this. For the rubber mouthpiece there are a couple options: the first being soaking a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol, swabbing the mouthpiece, and letting it dry. The second option is to soak the mouthpiece overnight in a mild soap and water solution, this is for more a “deep clean” situation.

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