iolite Portable Cordless Handheld Vaporizer Black

iolite Portable Cordless Handheld Vaporizer Black

  • $119.99
  • Save $80.01

  • Cordless
  • No Batteries Required
  • Ready To Use in Less Than a Minute
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty.

For direct inhalation of vapor, the iolite portable vaporizer creates the heat you need to vaporize anytime and anywhere within 45 seconds. More than just a sleek lightweight design, the iolite is a powerful portable vaporizer that appeals to everyone, from the light to intense user - making vaporizing a whole lot easier on-the-go. Combining a smart design with innovative technology, the iolite is the next generation in vaporizers.


This product is intended for aromatherapy use only. It is ot a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any ailment, disease or other conditions.


  • Cordless Portable Vaporizer
  • No Batteries Required
  • Pocket Size
  • Ready To Use in Less Than a Minute
  • Only Uses Butane to Heat Up
  • Durable Construction
  • Carrying case and Instruction Manual Included

 Package Includes

  • 1 iolite Portable Handheld Vaporizer Unit
  • Black Color
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Logo Carrying Case
  • 1 iolite Cleaning Device
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Maintenance Tool
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Moisture Condenser
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Extendable Mouthpiece
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer 7 Dot Chamber Screen
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Replacement Heater Mesh Screen
  • 1 iolite Vaporizer Instruction Manual

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