AirVape X Vaporizer with FREE X Shell

  • $179.00

Thin Outside. Mighty on the Inside

From the sustainable body to the elegant technological core, every detail combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft. The AirVape X is the best pocket-fit loose-left device on the market, that is also compatible with concentrates oils. It is a magical device that never disappoints.

Best Heating Technology and Good Vapor

By combing conduction and convection (hot air) heating and use of highest grade material of full ceramic from chamber to mouthpiece.


  • Sturdy Magnetic Mouthpiece Structure
  • Elegant Display
  • Exact Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Automatic Shutoff

Package Includes:

(1x) AirVape X (BLACK or OCEAN BLUE)
(1x) Concentrate Pad Insert
(1x) Loading Tool
(1x) USB Charging Cable
(1x) Cleaning Brush
(1x) Filter Screen
(1x) User Manual
(1x) Warranty Card

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