DaVinci Ascent Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter 18mm

  • $24.95

  • Built For the Ascent
  • Ground Glass 18mm
  • For Blends
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The ultimate vaporizer accessory, in an 18mm adapter size. Simple to use and "straight" to the point. Simply replace the glass mouthpiece of the Ascent Vaporizer with this handy adapter and insert into your favorite water piece to create an instant water filtered vaporizer.

Designed specifically for the Ascent Vaporizer, the straight, all glass, water tool adapter is recommended specifically for blends. Please refer to the U-Water tool adapter for essential oil use..

Package Includes

  • Da Vinci Ascent Glass Straight Water Tool Adapter - 18mm
  • Retail Box

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