Dime Bags Omerta Collector

  • $29.99

About the Product

Omerta Collector is built with carbon filter technology, 100% smell-free when it’s sealed tight. It’s a one-stop-shop for businessmen on the move. You can keep your herb, cash, phone, and more safe and sound while going about your day, or use the secondary Velcro strip to roll it up for a compact fit once you’ve made the rounds. The double Velcro closure keeps even the herb with powerful smell locked tight. Pop the Omerta patch right off if you’re laying low, or leave it on to let everyone know who’s boss. For a more compact design and belt loop, check out the 12” Collector.


  • Fully Smell Proof
  • Carbon Filter Technology
  • Dual Velcro Closure
  • Roll Up for Compact Fit
  • Interchangeable Velcro Label

Package Includes

  • Dime Bags Omerta Collector - 9" or 12" (Choose Sizes Available)