Firefly Concentrate Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pads

Firefly Concentrate Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pads

  • $9.99

  • Essential Oil Pads for Firefly
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • FDA Approved
  • Please contact manufacturer prior to purchase for warranty information.

Now you can enjoy the purest vapor from plant material and concentrates. Firefly's convection technology captures the entire range of active ingredients and flavors. The Firefly's convection technology allows hot air to heat up your material as you inhale, creating vapor at a range of temperatures between 0-400 degrees F.

Firefly Essential Oils pads have passed FDA food safe cleaning and testing procedures, just like every material in the Firefly vapor path.


  • Insert the stainless steel mesh pad into your firefly chamber.
  • Apply concentrate onto mesh steel pad.
  • Turn your Firefly on and vape the concentrates normally as you would with dry material.

Package Includes

  • 3 x Firefly Essential Oil Pads

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