Firefly LDH Blue Laser Lamp

Firefly LDH Blue Laser Lamp

  • $99.99

  • Provides unique low-level lighting for Media rooms
  • No Shadow Camping Light
  • true blue laser- a personal, portable laser lamp

Firefly LDH Zoisite is state of the art lighting for the 21st Century using a true blue laser - a personal, portable laser lamp. Combined with the blue light wavelength and a unique beam splitting optical component, the Blue Firefly Blue is able to shine through fire, smoke, fog and mist. The Firefly makes visible all objects in these challenging environments without the blinding fog of ordinary lights. The light effect provides depth perception and forward visibility similar to night vision. The Firefly is a night light for navigation illumination such as in a hallway while resulting in a more somber environment than a regular light bulb. The emitted light is captivating and concentrated providing a well-lit area without lighting the entire room. Unlike a single light bulb that weakens the light across an area, the Firefly provides numerous sparkling light sources that can provide outlined lighting of walls and able to reach deeper into a hallway without loss of intensity.


  • Firefly LDH Laser Lamp Blue Laser


  • Laser Industrial Laser. Brass heat sink, Class 3R, 450nm, <5mw CW, Solid-State Blue Zosite Laser Module. Output is near Class 2. Certifications FDA/CDRH IEC standards 60825-1, ROHS, FCC/CE, UL Thermal Design Patented design passive cooling system for safe, quiet, and continuous operation as a lamp. Environment 4-30 Celsius optimal 10-24 Celsius. Pushbutton waterproof. Splash resistant. Short rain exposure can risk operation. Power AC Adapter: EPA solid-state light weight (100-20 V/200-240 VAC (50/60 Hz). Operation with 4 AAA Alkaline batteries: 5.5 hours. Consumption: uses less than 1 watt. Ecology To the best of our ability, we have worked to create an earth friendly product. Firefly is 99.6% recyclable. The materials in Firefly, plastic, brass and zinc, are all recyclable. Recycling procedures depend on the services available in your area. Plus, Firefly gives a big lighting effect for less than a watt energy! Weight 162g (with batteries 206g)/ 8x8x8cm

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