Hemper Silicone Debowler Cache Ashtray

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The HEMPER Caché is the BEST Debowling Ashtray on the market!

Developed by the HEMPER team after years of using inferior debowling ashtrays we took all of the pain points and turned it in perfect debowling bliss. Ones with sharp plastic, glass, or metal spikes that would not only lose efficacy over time and break or damage your glass! After one too many broken bowls, the Caché was born!

  • Featuring an ascending point to fit all bowls
  • Made of heat resistant medical grade silicone
  • Nonstick to avoid resin buildup
  • Extremely Easy to clean
  • Made from indestructible silicone


  • 1 Caché Debowling Ashtray - Available in colors Blue, Grey, Green and Purple

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