Honeycombz 4 Piece Grinder (various sizes)

  • $10.49
  • Save $8.50

Product information


This HoneyCombz 4-piece black grinder is the last and only grinder you'll ever need! The top cap slides smoothly along its non-friction Teflon ring giving you the smoothest grinding action.


  • Powerful neodymium magnets for tight closure - more diamond teeth for grinding
  • Milled from the Highest Quality CNC Aluminum
  • Micron count tested 1 stainless steel pollen screens
  • Nylon "O" ring
  • Includes mini scoop tool.



The HoneyCombz grinder is perfect for grinding up your favorite cooking spices and peppers! 4-Piece chamber design will separate the finer grinds from the coarse. No battery required to operate grinder. Simply hand twist and your fresh spices are ready to use! This low-tech solution is a great way to grind your own supply of spices. Save money in the long run and buy whole spices and grind them yourself! 

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