NEXspark Universal J-Pole Outdoor Antenna

  • $10.20


The NEXspark J-Pole features a 20" inch mast with a 1" inch diameter that is ideal to use with most outdoor antennas. NEXspark J-Pole has a pivoting foot, which allows it to be installed on vertical or horizontal surfaces. By installing your antenna at the correct angle, you may receive more channels and better quality. NEXspark J-poles are lightweight but tough enough to hold your antennas up. Mounting this J-Pole is easily done with the bolts and hardware included.


  • NEXspark J-Pole is Easy to Install and is Lightweight
  • NEXspark J-Pole features a 20" inch Mast with a 1" inch Diameter
  • NEXspark J-Pole has a Pivoting Foot for Vertical or Horizontal Surfaces
  • NEXspark J-Pole J-Mount is Ideal for Outdoor Use with most Antennas
  • NEXspark J-Pole Mounting Hardware is Included