SLX Version 2.0 Grinder - 2.0"

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Every SLX grinder is machined from 7075 aluminum, the alloy of choice for precision applications - from high-performance jet aircraft to Space-X rockets. With exceptional strength, perfect balance, and unparalleled durability, your SLX grinder will last a lifetime and then some. Each piece of your SLX non-stick herb grinder is machined to the thousandth of an inch - providing the perfection. With 55 razor-sharp teeth in the standard size and 27 in the pocket size, even a velociraptor would be hard pressed to keep pace with SLX shredding power. The ceramic coating comes in 7 fantastic colors - charcoal grey, silver metallic, champagne gold and black metallic (the classic 4), yellow, leaf green, and purple haze - all lightly metallic. Every SLX non-stick grinder features comfortable slab cuts and gentle serrations on the top and bottom. 

Non-Stick Ceramic Coating SLX Version 2.0 is coated inside and out with proprietary non-stick ceramic. Every lip, every tooth - even the pollen chamber. It never sticks, and it doesn’t need cleaning. The coating is bonded with the aluminum at the molecular level, ensuring durability, is 100% non-toxic, FDA approved, and will not burn or release any harmful chemicals.

ZERO Teflon or PTFE Teflon (PTFE) fumes are so toxic when inhaled that Dupont had to ban its use. PTFE coatings are plastic based and not durable enough for serious use. You deserve the best when you buy an SLX grinder, and Teflon doesn’t cut it.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Machined out of 7075 T6 aluminum to prevent cross-threading, bent and broken teeth, or other damage. Most grinders are made from weaker 6 series aluminum. 7 series is more expensive to machine, but it ensures your SLX grinder will last a lifetime.

Premium Screens SLX grinders feature drum tight stainless steel screens with a fine micron size - ensuring only pollen gets filtered, not pieces of your ingredients. Perfect for pressing. And they lift out without threads!

Uniquely Shaped Teeth Trapezoids with 4 sharp cutting edges that provide a fluffy, consistent grind. They’re also thick - so they won’t break or bend. 2 Sizes; Available in both 2 inches (50.8mm) pocket-size and 2.5 inches (62mm) home-size. But both are 20% shorter than standard models due to our unique screen stage, so either size is easy to slip into your pocket or purse.

Just 1 Set of Threads Screen stage slips out without threads - so your pollen isn’t upended every time you empty your ground ingredients.

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